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The first and only wedding tattooer in the world


With 20 years in the tattoo industry, The Wedding Tattooer will deliver a top-notch professional experience your guests will remember forever.

There is no greater reason to adorn one’s flesh with a marking than to celebrate the love between two people and the tribes they come from. It’s a ritual as old as time .
— Robert Fiore, The Wedding Tattooer

After spending years becoming fluent in all styles of tattoo, Robert decided to bring the ancient ritual of celebratory tribal marking to a modern day atmosphere, thus The Wedding Tattooer was born.   Robert lives a minimalist life enjoying outdoor adventures with his lovely wife Holly and beautiful toddler son Gabriel, woodworking, and tending to their gardens.

When planning your package, The Wedding Tattooer will pay meticulous attention to every last detail ensuring we blend right in.  A questionnaire followed by a telemeeting will get the brainstorming gears turning for how we can customize your package to make your event as unique and memorable as possible.  This part is essential to really get to know my clients and create the best design to symbolize the love they share. This part is one I love the most!  The Wedding Tattooer's headquarters tattoo studio consistently sets cutting edge standards in the tattoo industry, making sure to deliver a clean and sterile procedure for every client, while also making the tattoo a fun and memorable experience for everyone!


Every event is unique as the families joining together on your special day, and we would be honored to share it with you.  Your occasion can be classic, eclectic, or anything in between, our experience and attention to the smallest of details will ensure your guests will fondly remember the day you said "I do".  At the heart of every great occasion is a warm, positive vibe felt by everyone involved, where  guests feel comfortable to relax, be themselves, and get to know each other.  When you reveal to your guests The Wedding Tattooer will be grand facilitator of your wedding reception, bachelor/bachelorette party or other special occasion, it will create a buzz unlike any other and join everyone in celebration.  The Wedding Tattooer is no stranger to the hectic pace of "The Big Day", so relax!  You and your guests are in good hands!  We've got you covered!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I love what you do, and I must have the Wedding Tattooer as entertainment for my big event. How do I book your amazing services?
A. A 50% deposit using your debit/credit card through our secure Paypal account gets your occasion locked into our books.  The remaining 50% is payable in smaller monthly increments to be paid in full 14 days prior to your date.  Real easy peasy stuff!

Q. I see you can travel anywhere in the world.  How do I get you to my event?
A. Whether  I’m traveling by plane or hittin’ the road, I can efficiently and safely transport everything I need to provide a 100% professional and sterile experience for you and your guests.  If I’m flying to your event, airfare can be handled one of two ways.  You can book my round trip flight for me, or I can handle the arrangements myself and I factor the cost into your final invoice.  I fly in the day before, wake up and rock out your event, and fly home the following day.  A tip for keeping the airfare expense to a minimum is to ask your friends and family for anyone hanging onto frequent flier miles or discount coupons.  When driving to your event, travel expenses include gas and tolls.  In addition, I will also need accommodations to stay at.  I’m flexible about this and don’t require much.
*Please note I generally fly out of Philadelphia to any event west of the Mississippi River, Florida and Georgia, and drive to all events east of the Mississippi.

Q. What do you exactly tattoo on my guests?
A.  I will create a custom Tattoo Menu with 4-6 selections for your guests to choose from, based off of the concepts we come up with together.  Send me as much reference as you can find (Pinterest, Google, scribbles, etc.), then we’ll chat on the phone about the top 4-6 designs and polish them up into perfect tattoo wedding keepsakes.  I like to provide choices and styles on our menu that will appeal to all tastes,  ensuring there’s a little somethin’ for everyone!

Q. We want to exchange larger, more involved tattoos as wedding gifts to each other.  Can we book you for tattoo sessions like this?
A. Absolutely!  I’d love to give you both longer sessions for tattoo wedding gifts to each other, in any style you choose!  I like to incorporate elements special to the both of you, in any style of tattooing your personal tastes go for!  One element I like using is the flowers from your bouquet and boutonnière.  I can use your floral arrangements and colors in your tattoo concepts, keeping your wedding day memories as fresh as the day you said I Do!   I can either tattoo you both the day before your event, or the day after in a more relaxed, casual atmosphere.  That way we can spend more time on your larger tattoo keepsakes, chill, and have fun!  If you’re already married and wish to commemorate your nuptials with a one-of-a-kind Wedding Tattooer piece, I can be there for you too!  If you like to travel, you can book me at my home studio Red Lotus Tattoo Company in Lansdale Pennsylvania and receive the ultimate “sticker on your suitcase”!

Q. My guests will be partying, it is a wedding after all.  Will they be able to be tattooed?
A.  We ask any guests wishing to participate, do so in a responsible manner.  If you appear visibly intoxicated, I will not tattoo you.  I extend the same policy I have at the studio to Wedding Tattooer events, which is “Don’t be a horse’s ass”.  Party responsibly and be respectful.

Q. Do you offer discounts?
A. Sure do!  Any couple who is currently serving or previously served in any branch of military, fire persons, and police officers.  You’re the real heroes and I help you out as much as I can.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Always!  We provide our insurance binder for any venue that requests it.  Every guest who participates also fills out a waiver of liability in the same way you would in my professional tattoo studio.

Q. I would like to book you for an event other than a wedding reception.  What other types of events are you available for?
A. Any event I can set my mobile Tattoo Bar up indoors with a modern electric source!  The Wedding Tattooer is good clean fun for themed events (Think Star Wars, Alice In Wonderland, themes like that!), office parties, bachelorette parties, or any other gathering of cool, likeminded folk who want to get down!  Send me your ideas, I’m sure I’ll be into it!

Q. Are guests going to be running around my reception with open tattoos bleeding all over the place?
A. Nooooooooo, every tattoo will be bandaged properly, and guests will be given healing instructions with lotion.  I understand many guests who participate might not be super familiar with the proper healing of a tattoo, and I especially make sure those guests are informed of the proper do’s and don’ts.  I also pay strict attention to cross contamination precautions and my formula ensures every guest leaves your event with a good clean tattoo keepsake.